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Features of a Knight Templar

  The Knight Templar, is the one who is able to sacrifice his own life in defending seemingly lost causes, is to be a hope for the world. It must always help the call of those who doubt, or hunger and thirst for a wider evolution, of a better approximation to God.  

The knight must renounce as far as possible, all the notion of selfish possession with only the animo of his own benefit.   The Templars of the past, despite being a wealthy and prosperous order, were poor and nothing possessed it not to be what the order gave them to cover their most essential needs.

The Templars have united ties of faith and fraternal love, bearing in mind how to fulfill the defence of the Catholic faith. Therefore, and following his example, the Templars of the new millennium must undertake to lead a exemplary life of true knights of the Temple, defending the Christian faith and loving as Christ loved us.  

The Knight Templar will seek to have a mesurado and harmonic temperament to facilitate the arrangement and coexistence, treating to be organised and disciplined to control any tears of self-centeredness, in fact the humility and sacrifice by the next must be your door to heaven.  

The Knight Templar does not lose sight of himself, will always try to improve on his weaknesses, win his internal battles, so he can win his external battles.  

The ability to live with faith and charity must create a fortress level in itself and at the same time be able to create a personal commitment that will give them sufficient fortress to defend themselves from any individual or collective aggression. On the spiritual path it does not ask them to be served, soft or warm, contrary, justice or righteousness sometimes takes him to have steadfastness and fight for convictions even if it means facing the established order. That is why the Knight Templar will show a entrusted and convinced inner firmness that is not won or humiliated by the injustice or the external attacks, struggling for what it considers fair and good, even if it is questioned by the others. In definitive, the Knight must always act consciously.  

Before society, the Templars must show personal coherence and lifestyle in counterposition to worldly devaluation, profane desacralization, and lack of sensitivity, adding in its lifestyle to Madurese to act as individuals with ideals and motivations The order's own, rather than let it be dragged by the social mass and its materialistic and consumeristic tendencies. That is why the Templars will seek to renounce within the possible attachment that on occasion provides the material things. You must enjoy things, but without sticking to them, or enslavement. Thus it would be beneficial that the rider proposes to maintain a certain balance between the material and spiritual needs.  

The knight must take into account at all times the Templar motto, "Not in our name Lord, if not in thy name for all glory," must always have eyes in God, and not to focus so much on him, in order, for everything must do for him and for him.  

The aspirant will have to demonstrate that he grants a great value to the efforts made to dominate the aspects of weakness of his acting and that, by so much, his desire to be better and more useful is a priority desire.   This is how you can understand the moral states of your new state, the Knight of the Temple, who stands out the love of Christ and His church, and the love of the brethren, humility, prayer, temperance, charity and constant study, are values that every knight must perform day by day . It's not enough to look like it, it'll be. The following objectives must be marked:


  • Strive constantly to improve every day, studying and working for God our Lord.
  • Narrowing the bonds of fraternity between brothers.
  • Defending Christianity in front of its aggressors.

  And finally, kneel down with the left knee on the ground and with his right hand over his chest and left over his sword, he directs the gaze to God and promises to defend Christianity by Consecrating himself to God with a great value, and his turn a rigor for the others who will make him forget him And himself and his mundane attachment.

  "Non nobis domine, non nobis, sed nomine Tuo da gloriam.."

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