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According to the statutes, the conditions to be a member of the order of the temple are;

the) Be of legal age and be in all their physical and mental capacities;

b) if married, live within your home in greater harmony possible;

c) if divorced, be to comply with all the obligations that have been imposed by the divorce;

d) Be compliant civic obligations and obedient to the laws of the country where he is domiciled;

The obligations and duties, minimum requirements are contained in the Statutes governing the life of a Templar, because they are more moral and spiritual order. Are a set of values that print a character, an attitude.

Cannot be a Templar alienated social problems; or silent in the face of an inhuman and unjust social structure; or selfish worried about hoarding riches just for you and your family; What has not reached the fullness of your maturity as being responsible of a community; or the other that has reached an adult age and has a dubious moral and physical development.

To be a Templar have to be responsible, be able to decide for yourself at every opportunity and circumstances of life. You must have a critical spirit of objective and subjective realities of the world and the environments where they live in order to fulfill your mission and processing conducted by improvement of unjust structures, to enslave and demeaning where live their fellow man. Look away from the darkness of underdevelopment the populations exploited by greedy and powerful interests that get enough at the price of life worthy of his peers. There is to be; the Templar, a leader in your professional sphere of action social and spiritual cultural.

To be a Templar, is necessary to feed and feed, every moment of your life, a grandiose ideal of love for neighbour and fight, wherever it appears, for a fairer and more humane world, despite the consequences, or the sacrifice. And I need to know to overcome by the multiplication of their energies and potential of every order, convinced that, if it were to fall, another Templar will be ready to hold and conduct your banner. You have to be a wall solidly rooted in the know ¬ ria a greater light, the knowledge of a philosophy of life that aims the infinite, unrelenting cultivation of purity, justice and love. We must accept the benefits provided by the order with the moral commitment to reflect about the universe. You have to be able to receive the treasures you'll find in your order and know split with the brothers and the like, without distinction, including that these treasures increase in value as they are distributed and if belittle the extent that they are held selfishly for yourself.

To be a Templar need to possess a heart of Templar. You need to be great in humility and humble in greatness. One must learn to fight for power and knowledge to exercise in the spirit of philanthropy and understand that we must raise temples to virtue. We must beseech the deity who step away from all uncleanness of moral and physical part. To be a Templar, man will have to assume an attitude of Templar, courageously, in every moment of your life.

Finally, everyone who is willing to pursue the great ideal Templar must put themselves at the forefront of the love of God in your heart and bear, arousing and enhancing your awareness, purifying the human weaknesses and imperfections, love to the limit of his strength. You need to feel, to exalt the soul and ignite the heart of love for the eternal.

Who does not possess such qualities or not willing to acquire and develop these conditions, you may not be a true and faithful Templar.


David Caparelli Prior to order Brazil O.T.D. -Ordo Templum Domini

  What it's like to be a Templar today. The work of today's Templars consists essentially in the protection of the Inner Temple anchored in the heart of each of us, constantly guarding thoughts, words and attitudes. "Pray is guarded" something as current as 900 years ago. > I asked myself many times, why be a Templar today? > What's the point? -We are all Templars, summoned to work, for we all have a temple to protect, in our bodies, in our minds and on everything in our faith. The paths that need to be protected are the ones we all go through on a day-to-day, with all sorts of robberies between them: bad thoughts, bad attitudes, anger, envy, resentment, jealousy, greed, etc., etc. We need to ' watch the road ' so that ' burglars ' do not take charge of our own lives. The work of the Templars today consists essentially in the protection of the Inner Temple anchored in the heart of each of us, the Temple of Christ, constantly watching the thoughts, the words and our attitudes. This is the true and as current as 2000 years ago when Christ was born. How many more temples of Christ awaken to work consciously, the stronger the light for the return of Christ will be strengthened. Of course, it is necessary to create wealth, to create abundance is a divine gift, just to see how many fruits you get by launching only one seed. Who has the gift of, through clean processes, to make wealth or have a good financial condition, should help the needy institutions more, having the possibility of deducing the donations in the current taxes, which is fair, but here, indispensable is that the "hand Left does not know what gives the right. " But today's Templars also have to raise awareness of the indigent for the obligation to work. Like 2000 years ago, those who do not want to work, have no right to eat and enjoy the rewards and the reward of work. Of course, subsidies are indispensable for those who, for some reason, cannot work, but it is increasingly urgent that a revolution of mentalities, an awareness of every human being for their responsibility to life as a whole, is not enough to give Allowances, therefore, so important is bread as well as education! How much you need to turn. I learned from childhood that all work is dignified if it is exercised with dignity. There are no inferior or unworthy professions when their workers exert them with all their love and dignity. Just as there is no dignity in a profession said "noble", who exerts it has no humility, character and seriousness. It is urgent to realize that we are all part of a larger whole, composed of many "pieces" that should fit like a puzzle, just that a small piece is not aligned and all the work has been lost. How are we "scruffy" in this life?! How much revolt is seen in the faces and attitudes of those who intersect with us on the street. Time is pressing! It's time to play the batting! It is time to be a Templar, permanently watching over our whole attitude towards life and starting to change everything that is not in accordance with divine law! Being a Templar is essentially an inside job, the hour is confrontation with ourselves, and with our interior. When will we begin to be aware of the temple we Are? Only when we see the flame Christ anchored in our hearts. "Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo A.D. Gloriam" "" Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to thy name for thy glory "

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