On this page we will have all the books dealing with the subject of the order of the Knights Templar.   Books available for consultation and reading  

 Category Book Name Publication date Writer's name
Medieval Les Templiers  1980 Laurent Daillies
Medieval The Templars  2001 Piers Paul Read
Medieval El Crusade  1997 Stephen Riveile
Medieval Essay under the history of the Templar order  2005 Edouard Fraissinet
Medieval The Templar Rite Maçonico  1998 Prince Asklepires
Medieval Esoteric du Temple 1982 Jacques Maurin
Medieval Tempários Cabaileros East y West 1998 Rene Lachaud
Medieval Omisterio of the Treasure of the Templars and the Holy Grail 2006 Lionel Fanthorpe
Medieval The Templars in Sagres 2000 C. Aaron
Medieval Memoirs of the Order of the Templars Part. 01 CAP. 02 Religious military
Medieval The Templars 1998 Frederick Smyth
Fiction The New Kingdom 2006 Jan Guillou
Medieval The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant and the D. of Solomon's T. 2005 Grahan Philips
Medieval Maçones y Templar-their hidden binds 2005 Michael Baigent
Medieval Les Mysteries des Templiers J. H. Probst-Biraben
Medieval The Templars in the formation of Portugal 2000 Paulo Alexandre Lennie
Medieval The Templars and the Grail 2004 Karen Ralls
Medieval Jesus The secret El Deadly of the Templars 1989 Robert Ambelain
Medieval La rebelion del Grial 1985 Juan G. Atienza
Medieval Crusade in the Kingdom of Paradise 2005 Rider H. Haggard
Medieval Small glossary of Philosophy-Ancient history 2003 John Fisher
Medieval The Templars 2002 2002 Robert Fisher
Medieval La Order Des Templiers 1961 John Charpentier
Medieval A History of the Order of the Temple 1998 Malcolm Barber
Medieval The warrior monks and the Militia of Christ 1995 William J. C. Marmonti
Medieval The Holy Grail and the lineage 1993 Michael Baigent
Medieval Secret Rituals of the Templars 1999 Frater Iacobus
Medieval Los Mysteries of the Templars 1983 J. H. Probst-Biraben
Medieval La Mistica Solar de Los Templar 1979 Juan G. Atienza
Medieval The Templars-The tragedy of the Order of the 14th century temple 1958 Jessica Daniel
Medieval Templars in Portugal-the True Story 2005 John Savage
Medieval The Templars are among Us 1985 Gerard Headquarters
Fiction On the way to Jerusalem 2006 Jan Guillou
Medieval History of the Cav. Templars and the Pret. of his succession 2005 Elizé Montagnac
Medieval The Templars 1987 Juan de Garten
Medieval The Knights Templar 1982 Stephen Howarth
Medieval The Templars 1974 Regine Pernoud
Medieval The Cistercians: Doc Primitives, Latin texts Trad. Port. 1997
Medieval Nothing everythlng to the love of Christ 2003 Cistercians
Medieval Peak Y the fallen of the Templars 1118-1314 1990 Alain Denunger
Medieval Templar Secret Societies 2006 Chris Park
Medieval Gentlemen of the Temple 1997 Julia of Castilian
Medieval The shadow of the Templars 1986 Rafael H. Alarcón
Medieval The Order of Christ and Brazil 1980 Rajesh Fernando
Medieval The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar 1999 Steven Sora
Medieval The Templar Gentleman 2006 Jan Guillou
Medieval The Pirates and the Lost Templar fleet 2006 David Hatcher Childress
Medieval The Illustrated History of the Crusades 2002 W. B. Bartlett
Medieval El Mistero de Los Templars 1967 Louis Charpentiers
Medieval The legacy of the Templars 2007 Steve Barry
Medieval The Templars 2002 Fernando Dies Celaya
Medieval The last Templar 2006 Raymond Khoury
Medieval Sacred sites of the Knights Templar 2005 John K. Young
Medieval The bloodline of the Holy Grail 2005 Laurence Gardner
Medieval Symbols and Templar Myths 2006 John Savage
Medieval Les Mysteries Templiers 1967 Louis Charpentiers
Medieval Templáries enclaves 1985 Juan G. Atienza
Medieval Les Templiers 1972 Laurent Daillies


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