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MAGDALENITI ORDER Of The HOLY KNIGHTS Of OUR LADY In The TEMPLE, TEMPLUM DOMAINS ORIENTALE-O.T.D. + M.   With the end of the order of the Templars in 1314, the Knights survivors sought refuge and protection in Eastern Patriarchates, and perfect affinity and devotion merged with Mariani Knights and Knights dedicated to St. Helena Augusta Byzantium and Santa Maria Maddalena, Apostle of the Apostles, continuing the ancient tradition of the worship of the guardians Tre Marie of the mystery of the Temple of Solomon. Many of the militia of the temple scattered everywhere. Some Maddaleniti placed themselves under the protection of Isaac II Angelos Komnenos, which flows in the militia Constantine at the beginning, and later (1472), under the patronage of Ivan III the great, Grand Duke of Russia, which by law the marriage to Sophia, granddaughter of ' last emperor Palaiologos of Byzantium, received a dowry of many orders of knighthood of the Orient, including the order of s. Giorgio and that of Jerusalem thereby promoting the absorption of the same to the imperial house of Russia.   SACRO ORDINE DEI CAVALIERI MAGDALENITI DI NOSTRA SIGNORA DEL TEMPIO, TEMPLUM DOMINI ORIENTALE-O.T.D. + m.m. Con la fine Dell ' Ordine Templare nel 1314, i Cavalieri cercarono superstiti rifugio and nei Patriarcati d'oriente, protection and per affinità ideale e di devozione si fusero con i Cavalieri Mariani and i Cavalieri devoti the Sant'Elena Augusta di Bisanzio and Santa Maria Maddalena , Apostola Apostolorum, perpetuating l'antica tradizione del culto delle Tre Marie custodi del Mistero del Tempio di Salomone. Molti i Militi del Tempio dispersi per ogni dove. Taluni Maddaleniti si posero sotto la protezione di Isacco II Angelo Comnenus, confluendo nella Milizia Aurata Costantiniana dapprima, and subsequently (1472) sotto la protezione di Ivan III il Grande, Granduca di Russia, il quale per diritto matrimoniale con Sophia, la nipote Dell ultimate Imperatore Paleologo di Bisanzio, Ordini Cavallereschi molti ricevette in dowry d'oriente, tra cui l ' Ordine di s. Giorgio e quello Gerosolimitano , favorendo così I assorbimento degli stessi alla Casa Imperiale.   Initiation in the order of the Knights Templar: It was a complete examination of newcomers before the Court of the twelve larger brethren, by reading the rules previously. The scenario was usually the Church of the order, with the candles lit by nightfall. The candidate was waiting in a contiguous room. He was carrying a white tunic, his hair was always uncovered, even though he took a kind of semi-veil of the same color, and was completely unarmed. At a given moment, they would seek him two knights of age to formulate him two questions: "How do you call yourselves? What intentions brought them to us, when do you know that you will be submitting to this militia to hard work, the fights that can snatch their lives and, a in turn, shall ye be obliged to maintain a existence in which you cannot enjoy any of the pleasures of the outside world? " In the event that the candidate in question responded in a convincing manner, the first pair of examiners, returned with the other ten knights who completed the chapter. They explained the success with a few words Ritualizadas then the candidate in the church was entering. This should be presented in the most humble way, act followed if they made him the first clarifications and after hearing his brief replies probative, he remained in this way: "Brother, never to join the order with the desire to achieve wealth, nor honorable, nor by What you think is going to be a higher plane or you can find yourself surrounded by amenities. Take into account that three things will be required: the first is that you leave behind the sins of the world, the second you are in service of our Lord and the third who will be the poorest of the mortals, and shall always be subjected to Una penance for the Salvation of your soul. Nothing more than for this reason you should request your admission. Are you willing for all the days of your life, from today on, to convert you to server and slave of the order? Do you think you're willing to renounce your will forever, obeying all your commanding officer at every moment? " The newly started should answer: "Yes sir; If God allows me. " Arriving at this point, the candidate should be taken out of the church. Act followed the master was advancing, he would put his hands on the Gospels and with a firm voice to the chapter with these words: "In the case that any of you knew one or many causes by which this man did not deserve to be a brother of ours to declare him now. Because it will be better to listen now that not when the aspirant finds himself again before our presence… Do you wish us to return him in the name of God? " They usually responded: "To return in the name of God" and once the candidate came back to the chapter of the order, he made public renounce his previous life and accepted to become a slave of the order. The act followed the master asked him several questions that concern his military condition, to his social state, his health, if he had disowned or moved him other interests. How normal is that all the answers were affirmative, if he forced him to take his vows this way: "Brother, listen carefully what we will say promise to God and Our Lady that from today even the end of your days will do the orders of the Master of the Temple and the Comand Before they're your superiors? Do you promise God and Holy Mary that always in an absolute and without any concession, Proposeto stay permanently your chastity? What'll live without anything belonging to them? That you will find them in a position to follow and respect the good manners and customs of our house? That you are willing to help conquer the strength and power that God has given them, from the Holy Land of Jerusalem? That we never forsake our order, not for a strong or weak cause, for a worse or better reason? "No more listening to these new affirmations the candidate was already admitted to the order of the temple. If you remembered that soil would be entitled to bread and water, to a poor clothing, to a very simple bed, to live almost in misery and to accomplish a hard work. Last if I handed him the mantle of the Templars, a cross and a sword. Once they had collected them, the master and the chaplain gave him the kiss of the fraternity and was praying the hymn that was common in almost all religions ' orders. In this way, the candidate's admission ceremony was concluded, which was already a Templar with all the rights and obligations that the others. Logically, you should stick to a cut-off period of learning and adaptation to your new life. She never left her alone, and she was the best teacher in her side. Even though, as all the mystery pertaining to the Templars, they say it does not go out with certain science, what was the rite of initiation of the Order of the Knights Templar. Save

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