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  1. -The SMOTH-PIT has Orders in different American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, United States; Europeans and France, Italy, and Russia; and, as in the case of Burundi.

In May of that year, the Pastor, Fr. + José Miguel Nicholas i González, you are granted the Grand Cross of the Grand Master Fr. + Fernando Pinto de Sousa Fontes.

In December of that year, in the Chapter of the Prioral Council in Madrid, make up your mind to untying all neotemplaria membership total. The pastor is appointed Grand Prior for your Council Prioral, passing the SMOTH-PIT to be Great Priory Templar International, independent of any group of neotemplarios features taking a definitive course rapprochment the Holy Mother Church, accepting only as between sus members to Catholics practitioners, breaking definitely ties with any other group and Catholic associations, which were separated from the Brotherhood.

           So even our brother Fr. ++++ José Miguel de Nicholas i González receives by Dom José Álvarez Allende prelate of Honor and Advisor of your Holiness, the Pope, the degree of Grand Master of the order of the temple.

The day may 18 2017 in the Cathedral of Valencia, Spain, and the chapel of the Santo Cáliz, Smoth Mit order Poor Knights Templar of Christ was awarded the honor of guardians of the Holy Grail.


Order Smoth Mit Poor Knights Templar of Christ to be bestowed with this honor, thus acquiring the task of watching and guarding one of the greatest relics of the Catholic Church the Holy Grail.

The order Smoth Mit should keep this so Representative relic, the Holy Grail, during the process of the Holy Week.


The order Smoth Mit as well as their Riders in the world, won the title of guardians of the Holy Grail, this honor was received by our biggest Grand Prior ++++ Jose Miguel Nicholas Gonzalezes.

  Priors not World (Ordem alphabetic) Grand MAESTRAZGO fr. + + + + + Jose Miguel Nicolau GP Spain fr + + + Nivardo of Clairvaux. GP ARGENTINA Fr. + + + + Hugo Bassino GP ITALIA fr. + + + + Giorgio Cantamutto GP VENEZUELA fr. + + + Luigi Elio Bruno GP MEXICO fr. + + + Trinidad Carillo Tellez GP PERU                                Fr. + + + + Ramiro A. Gomez GP PARAGUAY Fr. + + + + Alejandro Roman GP BRASIL fr. + + + David Caparelli GP CHILE fr. + + + Claudio O. Chinchon GP URUGUAY Fr. + + + + Jose Luis Mateu GP Colombi A Fr. + + + + Oscar Martinez Ruiz GP BOLIVIA fr. + + + + Arnau de Quilez GP USA Sor. + + + Janet Wintermute. GP England fr. + + + Virgilio A. Cardoso de Castro-Xeres CUBA fr. + + Armando R. Rusindo Dominicana Sor. + + Maria Rosa Indonesian fr. + + Hendrikus Adur PORTUGAL                          Fr. + + + + Antonio Carlos Damaso Moniz in conversations with future brothers from France, Germany, Canada, Florida, Costa Rica.   REFLECTIONS AND MEDITATIONS TEMPLAR

You are Lord, You, my God, iluminais my darkness and you will be released from temptation, as being supported by my God will climb the wall, and defeat the enemy, poverty the snubs and other miseries of the world, God is my refuge, my strength and comes to my rescue in all afflictions, for many they are the angustiem me. The human respect and the enemies who oppose my good intentions you are with me, I will fear no evil, because it keeps my strength, my pulse in my sword, get away from my fears and are comforted by my spirit, because I'm a Templar, a soldier of God, fear children of evil my wrath, because it is God's wrath, since I am of the same Temple. SMOTH. MIT. POCAC. ¡¡ GAVE WANTS YOU! ¡¡ LIVES GOD, HOLY LOVE!


Appreciated Brothers in Christ, consider your soul as Tabernacle of God and of your Spirit, and respect her always and not desecrate skin sin the temple which God formed for you. Consider how the Holy Spirit, with the theological virtues, faith, hope and charity, infuses the righteous site gifts we call gift of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, science, piety and fear of God; whose crafts and purposes are very different. Why the Office of the virtues is the man in the performance of virtuous deeds by your own choice and free will. helped of divine grace, and so, can work with them always, believing, hoping and loving, obeying and humiliating as you want, because the divine favor never fail him. But the trade of gifts is the righteous to surrender and subject to impulse and movement that comes out, that is, the Holy Spirit, when with the wind of inspiration moves it to do good. Where to see the problems that has the holy spirit that obey to its inspirations, for this us of such gifts. The said is meant that, like that, says St. Thomas, these gifts are needed to the righteous to attain eternal life, so that they're always caught with the grace and charity, which cannot break up, as because the instinct and inspiration of the Holy Spirit is very necessary to keep the two parts of the righteousness and Holiness, that are separate from evil and follow the well especially strenuous and difficult for many things that happen in this life; and as the Holy Spirit wants both our salvation and perfection, help soon to encourage us. Having warned us with these gifts to obey. Appreciated the gifts in the arm against the temptations, consider that these seven gifts are offensive and defensive weapons that gives us the Holy Spirit against the main roots of the temptations that fight the spiritual life.

Because a temptation comes from the tedious to have things of God, because the meat doesn't like things of the spirit, nor has an estimated of the eternal, and the leaves and seeks the sensual delights. Against these temptations in gun the Holy Spirit with the gift of wisdom, inspiring us reasons aficionam to the heavenly goods, giving us their sweetness and disgust of the land. Other temptations come from obscurity to have things of faith, where born doubts, perplexities, mistrust soft ones, so on believe and wait, like in the work. Against which favors us the Holy Spirit with the gift of understanding, shooting in our spirit and rays of light that dissolve this darkness and give us peace and pleasure in believe. Other temptations in the win for being indiscreet and rash in our stuff, or for sure our caution, you don't think dash out of them, or because they catch us suddenly and unnoticed, without giving us time to think about what we have to do. In such cases happens help the Holy Spirit with the gift of advice, inspiring us with extra special offers the means we have to take to win them. Against the temptations that can knock down by ignorance or by mistake, the Holy Spirit comes to us with the gift of science, illustrating them with their inspirations for knowing the tricks of Satan the deceptions of the flesh, and attracting us to memory the truths that are more the purpose to beat them, rubbing them with great sweetness. The other most terrible temptations surrender by animo weakness, when we put in such a squeeze that, if we don't make what is mortal sin, we have lost the farm, honor or life, or suffer other serious damage. Then comes the Holy Spirit with the gift of fortress, fortifying with his impulses our hearts and animating it to suffer any temporal damage by running the eternal, so that favored the glorious martyrs in their dangers. The hardness of our hearts shall not have compassion for our next, or apply to them well, not wanting to suffer the evil that we do before spring temptations and iras, we, outrages, injustices, vendettas and cruelties. Against which the Holy Spirit help us with the gift of piety, shaking our hearts with the touch of your tender inspiration and moving the use of mercy on the occasions that we move to revenge. Finally, against the temptations that are born of pride, presumption, ambition, vanity, in the gun with the gift of fear, your illustration with some feelings of truths that suppress our pride and make us tremble with his amazing secret and judgments. In all these cases I will contemplate the greatness of my need and the effectiveness of the aid, and comparing one with another, will glorify the Holy Spirit, who with adorable offers from such remedies to what was so in need of them. And when it is abused with some of these temptations, acudirei to him, asking him to help me, because for this reason offered us these gifts. The Holy Spirit, with these seven gifts, help us win the virtues with Honourable perfection, like that in the works of the contemplative life as active. With the three gifts of understanding, wisdom and science, helps us in the works of the contemplative life, lesson, meditation, prayer and contemplation, moving with their inspirations to exercise them with great fervour and perfection. With the gift of understanding perfects in the knowledge of the mysteries of our faith, helping us with his illustrations to penetrate the most intimate and secretive that for them with such certainty as if seen. With the gift of wisdom in perfect in the knowledge of God, of their Excellencies and attributes, and all things that touch your divinity, printing great esteem of divine things, with great flavor and sweetness to meet them. With the gift of science in perfect knowledge of created things, impressing us with their inspirations the mind true that we should do them, so for what must God as that of your harvest. Consider how the Holy Spirit, with the gifts of mercy, fortitude and fear, we optimize the work of active life, for our next and to ourselves and to God. With the gift of piety in optimizes the work we have to do with our next, printing it in the spirit of kinship to the superiors, and spirit of mother to the inferior and spirit and compassionate to suit with the same, finding support with entrails of charity to remedy the needs of everyone, as well as spiritual body, and more of these for being bigger. With the gift of fortitude in perfect in order ourselves, strengthening the weakness of our flesh, suppressing his fears and moving us to undertake glorious things of the divine service, ' every human fear. With the gift of fear in perfect in God, in our heart spirit of reverence and humility, and for nothing in your presence and assigning it the glory than with these gifts do, Yes, all your. Lately I will consider as the gift of the Council is like the Sun in the middle of these seven planets in the sky, giving in light of what we should do in the works of both active and contemplative lives, so set to choose the most convenient, and the manner, place and time to exercise them. Pray to the Holy Spirit Brothers: I thank thee Holy Spirit by weapons gave me against my cruel enemies and by the care with which moves me to get rid of them. Being You my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? Put me next to You, and fight those who want against me. From me Lord, in my dangers your holy inspirations so I don't deny my miseries. HYMN to the HOLY SPIRIT Veni, Creátor Spíritus, tuórum Minds visit, Implement free, superan Quae tu crásti, pectora. Qui díceris paráclitus, Altísimi donum Dei, Fons vivus, ignis, charitas, Et spiritális únctio. Septifórmes múnere, Dígitus patérnae you déxterae rite promissum Patris, thou Sermóne ditans gúttura. Accende lumen córdibus, Infúnde amórem córdibus, córporis Virtúte pérpeti Infirma nostri firmans. Hostem repéllas lóngius, Pacémque dones prótinus; Ductóre sic te praévio, Vitémus omne nóxium. Per te sciámus Patrem Noscámus, atque's Filium, Téque Credámus omni Spíritum utrisque témpore. Deo Patri sit Gloria, Et Filio qui a mórtuis Surréxit, ac In saeculórum saécula advocate. AMEN Non Nobis fr. J.M. Nicholas 1 REFLECTIONS + "take this, and eat, this is my body; take this and drink, this is my blood; and do it in mine memory "Appreciated Brothers, consider why the Lord wanted to stay between us in species of bread and wine to be memorial of your Passion, as without doubt has with her a resemblance. The first was to mean that, as well as in this sacrament joins Christ with the bread made of wheat grains broken and ground and with wine made from grapes trodden on grains and estradados, so in your body your most sacred passion was tormented and racked with stripes, pimples and blackheads and also was trampled with serious ignominias, and estradado to take all the blood and leaves him as the grape mill expressed. And so with the presence of these species of bread and wine; wants us to wake up pain and indignities that represent, and as we eat the bread and drink the wine, so eat and drink and incorporemos with us your passion and death sentences. And in particular we must break and grind our heart with the constriction of our sins, and chastise our flesh with penances, and like to be appreciated by imitating him. However later passes the charity of this Sir, because the baptism, baptized represents, as St. Paul says, death and grave of Christ, when it's gone under the water, as He was gone beneath the waves of his works and afflictions and placed in the tomb of a great stone. However in this Sacrament the same Christ represents your death and grave when it is eaten and placed inside the chest in memory that was desmiuçado by his pursuers and engulfed the death and put in a grave. And all this is even Lord to make with reverence and spirit, communicating the benefits of your Passion and death with dignity receives. So I heard the Brothers share in your hearts the sweet voice of Jesus that tells you, as his disciples at the last supper: "Take and eat, this is my body" and have him know correspond with love and give you for that just for love of you so brave and divine, repeated in your mind words full of love and entreaties of thanks as : Oh! Christ sanctify this tomb in which sweetness now enter so that while these him is worthy your address! And as in your Tomb has ever been any other buried, so this does not come out on thing like, or creature that profane, saving always new and pure for your gloria for all sáculos. Brothers, thus says St. John Chrysostom, with Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist in all what's more beautiful and bad Rico, without reserve anything, this is the charity of Jesus to infinite with our souls. So if you're feeling languor and feebleness in the practice of the virtues and the fight with your enemies, give yourself all the blame and say: "arid, cold and icy graduated my heart for having sloppy strengthen me with the Holy Eucharist, that ignites, ignites, burns and gives life. Brother, woe to you if you back off of this sacrament. Your passions, you so hard you fight, feeling free of this brake, you avassalarão and you will scuff the cliff, reflexione with this written and search and want to feel full of love of our Lord always. 2 THOUGHTS Appreciated Brother examines your words and acts of humility; Are so volunteers, loving and sincere as those of Jesus? You are so indifferent that you look with love or disdain as is to the heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Let your honor to the will of others like him? The delicacy with which you resent by lighter contempt, jealousy quisquilhoso with that look all the touching your reputation, are saying that your humility is not honest. The suffering with patience and humiliation is opróbios and the St. Francis de Sales, the touchstone of humility and true virtue; Why do this if you think the biggest similarity with Jesus, who is the true model of all real virtue. And St. Jane Frances, "graduate student" in such a school, writes that the real humble, when is humiliated, leans over, and when is despised boasts in contempt; aimed at low and humble crafts, if is more honored than you deserve and the plays with taste; just bored and run jobs sublime and honorifics. Jesus finds in your heart your self-esteem, your pride and your pride, your enemies and yours, Jesus by giving you with your example a lesson so important, renounced the advantage to Captivate our hearts more easily. Even now you might fool you your secret vanity like this: it is not lawful to shut up, must not give in, because this interested the honor, innocence or justice. Don't you know that Brother the greatest honor of innocence is suffer without guilt? Don't you know that the highest honor of Brother justice is being unfairly oppressed? San Felipe Neri says that those who want to truly take place, except in a few cases, must never take revenge, even if it is fake what you impute. So did Jesus Christ. You threw in the face the evil that had not done, and He didn't say a Word to get rid of that confusion. Santa Teresa left us written sometimes don't apologize leverages the soul more than ten sermons, because then if principia to achieve the freedom of the spirit, and not to make the case that say one is in pro, whether it's against; used not to respond, to such a degree of indifference, you hear talk of himself as speaking to a stranger.

Appreciated Brother considers how much matter the example of humility that Jesus gives us in the Blessed Sacrament to suit your divine heart, enrich us of virtues and achieve eternal salvation. The more disheartened before men, rises in the eyes of God. The Lord looketh from the top of your throne to mortals that live in this vale of tears: look at the humble, and the love he has humility makes you download to join with him; look superb and pride make you run away from him. "Humility, says St. Augustine is the cement of all virtue, and soul that not reina doesn't think any other true virtue, if not in appearance; It is so necessary to reach perfection, that among all the paths that this lead, the first is humility, the second ´ humility, the third is humility, if a hundred times I ask about it a hundred times would respond in the same way ". Saint Tomás de Vilanova explains how the humility in the US too produces virtues saying: "humility is the mother of many virtues, because her born obedience, modesty, patience, gentleness and peace, because the humble obeys easily to everyone, everyone fears offending, preserves the peace with all, affable and shows all , is subject to all anyone dislike, to anyone offended, don't feel the slights that you do and live happy and in short peace "by which San José Calazans said:" If you want to be holy, humble, if you want to be blessed, be humildíssimo ". Brother, look for last that humility is not only necessary to achieve perfection, but also to safeguard. In the sky there Saints who did not give alms, and your poverty justifies; Saints who don't mortificaram your body with siliceous or fasts and the weakness of your complexion the excuse; Saints who were not virgins, because the Lord has given them no vocation to be; but there is no glory one Saint who has been not humble. God hurled from heaven the Angels for that ensoberbeceram; And we intend to enter it without humility? "Without humility, says St. Peter Damian, had not entered the sky or even the Virgin Mary with incomparable your virginity." The gate of heaven, says Jesus Christ is so narrow, they do not by it more than those who do. Reflexionai Brothers and be humble of heart, be imitators of God, as their children, because as such Act. Non Nobis Fr. + J.M. Nicholas


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